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Ots Armonia pod 8.0

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PostWysłany: Pią 1:29, 22 Sie 2008    Temat postu: Ots Armonia pod 8.0

Witam na forum, zamieszczam link do ots armonia pod 8.0 xml

* Guid for xml players. (players.xml)
* Bans
* Mail System
* Readable/Writeable items.
* Full rearranged protocol and game system
* Actions (when using a tile or item)
* SQL databases (for accounts and players)
* Crash tracking
* Monsters
* 7.8 Protocol
* OTB (You now dont have to convert your map, change any ID, 7.5 ID's are just stacked on top of older ID's same with 7.8 ids!)
* VIP List
* Guild support
* Spawns (and Respawn)
* Commands
* Autowalk
* Rotatable items
* Logger
* Enhanced items database
* Runes with charges
* Depots
* Waitlist
* Houses
* Follow and chase opponent
* And more!

Version 0.5.1

* Server save (TLM)
* NPC Buy/Sell (TLM, Mick)
* Light Spells (Beet da Breat)
* Promotion System (Yurez, Xidaozu)
* Premium System (Junkfood)
* Premium Outfits (Xidaozu)
* Wand System (Jiddo)
* Burst Arrows (Skulldiggers)
* Tutors and Senior Tutors are like normal players (Xidaozu)

Version 0.5.2

* Health and Mana Multiplier (Xidaozu)
* Remove Condition/Exana Pox (Xidaozu)
* Amulet of Loss (Xidaozu)
* Configurable Cap (Xidaozu)
* Summon Creature (BurnMC)
* Magic Rope (BurnMC)
* Invisible in LUA (Yurez)
* More NPC Functions

Version 0.5.3

* Command Logs (Xidaozu, Loos!k)
* NPC Travel/Boats (Tijn)
* NPC Turning (Cayan)
* Worldname in config.lua (Xidaozu)
* Quests by Map Editor (Yurez)
* GM Look (Pedro B.)
* Utevo Lux fix (Xidaozu)

Version 0.5.4

* Command Extension (Alot of people)
* MC Check (Junkfood)
* Broadcast colors (The Chaos)
* Non-Players talk red/orange in channels (Bafegox)
* Life and Mana Drain (Yurez)
* Replace Spears (Xidaozu)
* On/Off Walk in action scripts (Pedro B.)
* Find Person/Exiva (Junkfood)
* House fix for XML (Vitor)
* NPC turning fix (Xidaozu)

Version 0.5.5

* Premium Outfits removed due Addons
* All outfits working 100% (Addons working) (Supergillis, Rizz, Xidaozu)
* Command to give Addons (Xidaozu)
* Quests by Map Editor fixed (Xidaozu)
* Add Experience by Actions and NPC's (Bafegox)
* Add Containers including items by actions (Pedro B.)
* LUA Overflow fix (Tibia Rules)

Version 0.5.6

* Server save working now (Xidaozu)
* New NPC Buy/Sell System (Xidaozu)
* House Price shown on the Housedoors (Pedro B.)
* Lag should be less now (Xidaozu)
* Multipliers (Yurez, Xidaozu)
* Depot Tiles working 100% (CVS, Xidaozu)
* Light Spells with Decay (Remere)
* Demon crash bug fixed (Xidaozu)
* Field crash bug fixed (Bafegox)
* Icons fixed (Supergillis)
* Wand System and Burst Arrows fixed (Xidaozu)
* Configurable Attack Speed for Vocations (Xidaozu)
* Command !buyhouse (Pedro B.)
* Command /addon fixed (Xidaozu)

Version 0.5.7

* Server save fixed for SQL (Xidaozu)
* Replace Spears fixed (stackable now) (Xidaozu)
* Online players list for PHP (Proglin, The Chaos)
* Command !leavehouse to leave your house (Xidaozu)
* Deathlist SQL (Junkfood)
* Deathlist XML (Jiddo)
* Burst Arrow bugfix (Xidaozu)

Version 0.5.8

* Light spells fixed (Caused a problem with torches) (Xidaozu)
* Find person fixed (Forgot to add in the parameters -.-)(Xidaozu)
* Exception Tracer (CVS)
* Anti-AFK System (Tibia Rules)
* Accesses configurable in config.lua (Xidaozu)
* Skull System configurable in config.lua (Xidaozu)
* High levels (Level 350+) (Yurez)
* New Map 90% done (90%, because I haven't tested)
* (This version can be a bit bugged as I haven't tested it alot)
* Crash fixed (crashed alot with 150+ players)
* Rook system (Yurez)

Version 0.6.1

* Raid System (Jiddo)
* Anti-AFK Fixed (Xidaozu)
* Ring and Amulet System 100% (Yurez, Xidaozu)
* Ring of Healing and Life Ring (Ravalas, Xidaozu)
* Command /shutdown (Yurez)
* Ice Rapier (Xidaozu)
* Exhausted Heal (Yurez)
* Item look for creatures (Xidaozu, BlackDemon)
* New summon system (Tibia Rules, Yurez, Xidaozu)
* Summons share experience (Tibia Rules)
* New Magic Rope System (Xidaozu)
* Party System (Remere)
* Experience share fix (Xidaozu)
* Command Logs fix against SQL Injection (Xidaozu)
* Infinite Ammunation and Runes in config.lua (Xidaozu)
* Boots of Haste (Yurez)
* New Find Person (Junkfood)
* Command !frags (Xidaozu)
* Command /promote fixed (Xidaozu)
* Monsters move diagonal (LarvaExotech)
* Wands, Rods and Burst Arrows don't cause exhaust (Xidaozu)
* Housedoor crash fixed (Nicaw)
* Premium Outfits (Xidaozu)

Version 0.6.2

* Attack Square (Xidaozu, nfries88)
* Protection System (Xidaozu, nfries88)
* Field damage (nfries88)
* Monster blood colors and damage colors (CVS, Xidaozu)
* Level requirement to buy a house (Xidaozu)
* Summons follow you everywhere (BlackDemon)
* Paralyze Creature (BlackDemon, Xidaozu)
* Learn Spell system (Yurez, Xidaozu)
* Skull System with summons fixed (Xidaozu)
* Premium Days saved in account file (Sapphire, Xidaozu)
* Diagonal Movement for all creatures (CVS)
* Burst Arrow fix (Xidaozu)
* Client Aimbot (configurable in config.lua)(BlackDemon)

Version 0.6.3

* GM Invisible (The Chaos, Xidaozu)
* Clean Command (Yurez, Xidaozu)
* Items to water/lava/swamp/tar (Xidaozu)
* NPC Buy Container (BlackKnight, Nfries88)
* Skull System fix (Xidaozu)
* Fight Modes (Xidaozu)
* Safe Mode (Xidaozu)
* Config: Shoot trough battle window on players (Xidaozu)
* Some codes removed due crashing (Paralyze, Protection System and Chat Level)
* Ain't that much in this version (I couldn't think of something else )

Version 0.7.3**

* Protocol 7.92 (CVS, Xidaozu)
* Graphical User Interface (GUI)(Junkfood, Xidaozu)
* Prevent Loss System (Xidaozu)
* New Premium System (Xidaozu)
* Players.xml not needed (Xidaozu)
* Premium Spells (Xidaozu)
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Autor Wiadomość

PostWysłany: Pią 1:33, 22 Sie 2008    Temat postu:

a tu macie linka

speedyshare. com /940530251.

nie moge podac calego linka ponieważ mam cos nie tak z ustawieniami forum
trzeba dopisac www z przodu i html z tylu
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